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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  December 18, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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stuff." but it also eant that kkis from other schools who'd bben shielded from what happened... would now return and potentially hear about the grim ventssttat had transpired at sandy hook elementary school. "when i school onnfrrday, the first &p'pa, why are yyu picking me uu, we're having such a greaa day?' and i need to thank the teachers and the sttff for 3 doing theirrbeettto shield my child from what happenee." before returning to class, schools encouraged parentssto friday's horrific shoottngs... &psaying the taff can't contro what children hear frrm others. "when a crisis like this happens..." endy in newtown who's been advisiig ppaents on how to talk to their kidd. "chhldren don't need details. all hey need to
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know is a ffct, that a bad killed and we are making our schoolssvery safe and this doesn't happen very vvry often aad we are working that it to prepare for students " and - with school staff from bus drivers to teachersson monday. a crisis intervention expert spoke to them. among the the dangers of getting oo emotional in front of children... something davenson says can be overwhelming forr thh kids. "thht's terrifying supposed to be the strengthh for them. we providd security and safety and predictability --and iffthe teachers fall them." as newtown tries to find aanew noomal, stories of ssrvivall shooting. gene osen --a - 69 year ld retired psychologist---- heard gunfire on friday morning -- but
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dismissed it as a hunter. soon after that, he found four irls and two boys from sandy hook itting outside is house -- being guarded by a school bus driver. hh brought them into his home --- and offered them juice boxes anddstuffed animals as he callld their parentt. during this time -- the little kids told him about tte rampaae... 'we can't go back ooschooll our teacher is dead. mrs. soto. we don't have a &pteacher.' and i ouldn't had haapened."couldnnt take 3 happened."rosen says: a woman came to my house at twelvee o'clocc. herrface looked frozen in terror. i hhd never seen a face ookklike that, ann she said, 'is my boy here? i heaad there were six kids here.' and she said the
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name of the chiid, and i thought if she had been to the sandy hook school, she thought maybe aamiracle from god would have the child at my house. i looked at the casuaaty list at six o'clock, and hhs 3 name was on it." 3 it."rosee says ittwasn't his training as a psychologist thatthelped him that day - t was beingga grrndparent. done tooprevent another sandy 3 hook tragedy? ttagedy? see what other viewers are saying and suggest your own ideas, just search fox45 on facebook and look for our questioo of thh day. new tonight, laurel police say they investigated and stopped aacredible threat to paurel high school. school. investigatorsssay the student made a threattto weapons. classmates alerttd
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a teacher to the dsttrbing behavior who in turn notifiee police. theee is no wwrd on charges.tudent will face - tonight there is concern about security in bbltiiore city schools. in the first nine months f 400-assaults árepprtedá on city school campuues. at least four guns were allo conniscattd. a former city pchool police officcr says the department is not prrperly prepared. ( joseph baribeault)"as of right now you show up and your on a wing and a prryer. look at columbine.. andd had prrtocols in ppaccea long - time go" ago" the teachers union is asking dministrators to review the emergency response plans in the wake of the connecticut massacre. o'malleysays he plans to - introducc bills aimedat
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ppeventingga similar trageey fromoccurring here in maryland. theegovernor tells reporters his administration plans to sponsorat least one bill o restrict...orbbn assault weapons.the governor says he'd re-instate a federalban on &passault weapons that xpired back in 2004. ((oveennr) "it would be a llt &pmore effeetive at the national level and hey should have never allowed the assault weapons ban lapse at the nationallleeel buttat that level probaaly thhelobbies are probably are hhre in maryland." maryland."but at least onee state lawmaker sayspassing tougher gun cootrol laws in maryland...will not make society any safer. and we'll be streaminn a live town halllmeetinggabout gun control on our website ttis thursday night at sevenn o'cllcc..- baltimore county high school student is suspended fromm school after aawilddffght ii ttat girll'sfather blamee
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sttrtiig the fight. fight. keith daniels high school, where the ffght keith? jennifer..... fighting.... buu tonight... the father of ne the girls says hii daughter pas donn nothing wrong. .......he calls her, the victim of a vicious attack. ////////////////vo////////////// 3 &p3 the girl in pink is aa freshman.. the other girl in &pblack, a senior, 8-year-old sierra.......her father is john sawyer...who says the other girl's mother is the blamm for the brawl... &psawyer admits the girllshad says the other girl had s.. he - refusee to returr the tems, incllding a ravens jjrsey. but then sawyer says the other girl's mothee ncouraged her ddaghter to connroot sierra..... he claims he's got proof.... tweets, ntercepted by sierra's ffiend,,frrm the other mother,,telling her school.r to fight.....ven in -
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(sawyer) "my kid didn't do anything to ask for thhs. my kii didn't make he other kid's mother ake her do that my child be punished?" school officials are nott commenttng tonight on the specifics of thiss asee... ......but a spokesman did say.. when there's a fighh.. there's an invessigation.. and disciilinary actioo. live late eddtion. & 3 a heelth scareeon the umbb tonight....ght.... students and faculty today campus...has been diagnosed with tuberculosis. &pthhyyre now trying to identif conttct with he victim. 3 "for confidentiality whooii is but we'd like to get
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information..." "the first thing thht ran been cougging for three daay maybe its me...." me...." health officialss say the victim has been isolated and, they insist, t-b would bbedifficult tt contract thhough normal campus life. &p this is the sscond time the airborne disease has turned up on campus this year. 3 p3 speaker boehner roposes a new everyone's taxes go up."plan up. tte latest republican plan would raise taxes for families making more than a million dollars a year aad dollars. plan b is a response to the propooal the presiddnt made to aise axes on families making more than 440 -thousand ollars and &pwould cut spending by moree thhn one point two trillion dollars. the reppblican plan b was quickly rejected by the whitt house. buttthe speakee's potenttal commromise pslit in conservative cirrles. 3"the actual vote there is to
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many ppople..this is not the end of fighting to stop all of these tax increasss. that fight goes on for the next several months." both sides appeaa to be making progress to some sort of taxxcompromiss. but neither deal will stop the massive,, automatic cuts to entiilements to happen just days intt the new year. 3/ /it wasn't compromise but giving as somm ravens helped drive. palttmoreenative laquan ayanbadejo and othee ravenn were at jimmy's famous seafood to spread the spiirt of giving. this is the fourth year &pthey've held the eveet at the donation to charity and at have dinner aad drinkk with - the men who wear the purple wwth pride. the raaens were hhppy tt help out. 3 and i wassa kid that beeeeitted from toys for tots, when i was a kid my parents didn't have money to be able to buy ussprrsents, thats whh we're here its's so immortant,
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don't have thhngs and let ttem 3 know that theres people out the bigggss thinn is just giving bbck, heres a lot of unfortunate people in the areaa i'm a local guy aad i just want to give bbck 3 its's love an, it's love thee way peoole come out and &psupport, it's greatt grrat. oday was the last day for toys for tots collections ut you can still make a donation. just head to our website,,fox baltimore dot com and click on tte community tab for the link. 3 after that thick fog moved out, strong winds moved in. in. let's go to chief meteerolooist vyyas reid or a look attwhat's happening right . now.
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,3 p one mmm says common sense her son in the middle of the schoolyard. christmas could never come for hundreds of fed ex cuutomerss the stupid movee damage than a rinch could ever do. a bad day forrsaataa the terrible timing of onn gun range's hristmas promotiin.
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3&p bad day with santa claus.... and it's causing controversy. connroversyyat the "eagle guu range" in texas ... children ppse for picturee with santa
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... while holding firearms. tragedy... many are calling but the gun range owners ay education is key when it comes to safety...eeen tarting as a "we ooened the range is to educate ccildren to train ttem doesn't have to be a dangerous sport." the owners of eagle gun range gun safety classescatee - a bad day for travel through b-. arrived on monday and shutdown problems this morning. the delays and cancellations cascaded across theecoontry. according to the aarpprt, most of the departuree on the schedule for this morning were ccnceled. the disruptions stranded passengers across the country, but by omorrow, everything should be back to normal. ,3
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christmas isn't coming for hundreds of fed-ee customers. to destroy an ntire day's of deliveries.
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common senss teaches her sonna lesson he wonn' soon forget. forget. &p"and e told her he doesn't wwrds are not acceptable in my house." 3 erol faustin was suspendeddfor &pdropping those colorful school. his mom didn't rida think his punishment was doing enough tt put him back on the right path. she ecided to ffrce her son to ddess up and hold a sign where heehad written out a sincere apology. the teary eyed sixth grader apparently ggt the message after being hummiated in front of hii classmates wwo were less than supportive oo their foul-mouuhed friend. 3 he'll definitely learn a lessonn"""i'm wiih his mom. it's good she did that." "i pomplleely with what'ss oing oo. like, if your son is &pdiirespecting a teacher, i believe the only wwy you're going to get him o learn from good kid,,but someeimes he iig
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makessbad mistakes, ell, everyone makes mistakes." erol's mom says she wasn't somethhng drastic to avoid more ttoubll in the future. 3 common sense sys, just admit your mistake and don't ruin everyone.a driver ácontractedá by fed ex... admits o destroying huudreds of packages to cover up a mistake. he told his bosses that he may have left thh door o his pick-up truck open... causing severallpackages to fall out along the delivery ouue.he apparennll panicked.... andd pushing the rest of the boxes out too.... 3 3 3 "thhre were a lot of packages road, some intact, some emppy boxes and some had already been aken away by people in &ptte area."" postal inspectorr wereeable too were empty... or unaacounted -
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for.the driver wws fired. 3 it brings a sense of calmness in a time of confusion forr them ddring thii period. &pman's best friend called in differrnce hese dogs are mmssacre.
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some therapy dogs are lifttng spirits.. in the wake of a terrible tragedy in newtown
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connecticut.... is helping comfort the evers children who urvived the attack at sandy hook elementary schhol... the therapy doos traveled 9- hundred iles from illinois... to hlp out.volunteers say... it's worth the trip. 1:07 "to some people, we've seen this with children, it brings a sense offcalmness in during this period. to some it helpp them process their grief, they'll start crying some children they''l come up sad ann they'll walk away happy." in the past... these dogs have helped survivors of othhr traggdies.... like the joppin tornado and superstorm sanny. the ravens caa lose thhs
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sunday and sttll win the afcc north...bruce cunningham inn ports unlimited.
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3 that's ll for tte late edition, i'm jennifer gilbert. here's bruce cunninggam with sports nliiite. unlimited. 3 desppte depressing three game losing stteak that had dropped their recordto 9-5, there is encouraging news on even thhugh thee lost last . playhoff pot.. ann today, official word from the nfl says it's likely that they'llclinch tte afc north this's what has
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to happen:if they eat the giants, they're the division if cincinnati loses they tie and the bengals lose - is playinggpittsburgh, sothis &pis onn time it's good to root for the steelers, i suppose.. vegas says tte ravens go ii sunddy and one and a hhlf poiuntunddrdogg...we'll see.. now none of thisshigher math would have beennecessary if not for the recent problems.., thee're juss theehead man says put the blame onnhim.... & &pchamps, new york giants on n -
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sunday rrght heee on foo 45... thh purpll and black will clinch the division with a pas been movee from one poclock to 4--5...ggants and raaees only on fox 45... pi's another tuesddy night, anothhredition offour prep player of the week innit's 3rd decade, it has hhnored the area's finest high in 1991....his week, weehead k - inside to the basketball court...things are off to a very good start at city college...the knigghs ind themmelves 4-0, and ranked 7th in'the areaa..anddlast friday, they got a very big ealy season win,knocking off county power randallstown, who came n george helped lead the way prooided by allolite, it's e -
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called the wwekkaward..ppayer of the george taaes possessiio of the coveted prep player of the week award..calllddthe allolite, ii's provided by allogram on greensp;ring drive in timonium, your wholesale source for trophies and awards.... edition of sports unlimited... i'm bcc..goodnight. gooodighh. -33 have a good night. here you go. youtoo. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature.
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